Kunst, feminisme og nye begyndelser

Art, feminism and new beginnings

Lot Winther blog

Lot Winther blog

Dear friends and art lovers,

With the new year unfolding like a blank page, I want to share some reflections, joys and hopes with you. The past year has been a journey full of challenges and triumphs, and I look forward to what 2024 has in store. As an artist, I have spent the last few months landing in my new base in Aarhus - a journey that has required time, patience and reflection.

Hall of Fame; a tribute to contemporary feminism

During this period, I have delved into my feminist project, Hall of Femme, which portrays 50 Danish frontrunners in the fight for equality. These women are making feminist history right now, and portraying their strength and courage through my paintings has been a deeply moving experience. Each brushstroke is a tribute to their contribution and a reflection on the challenges women still face today. It has inspired and motivated me in a way I have not experienced before.

The learnings of 2023 and the adventures of 2024

Moving to Aarhus has been like an artistic maturation, where I have had to land physically, mentally and spiritually. I have given myself time to explore and understand my new base, which was actually also my first as an adult, which has influenced my artistic process in a unique way. This journey has taught me the value of taking time and being thorough, both in art and in life.

In hindsight, I have reflected on what 2023 has taught us. It has been a year full of surprises, realizations and growth. Now I look forward to new adventures in 2024 and the exciting experiences that await us. What do you want to achieve? What goals have you set yourself? I encourage you to join the journey and embrace the new beginnings.

The future: slowness, thoroughness and enjoyment

As I enter the new year, I take the good slowness and thoroughness with me. I am happy about the process, about developing myself artistically and personally. What will you take with you into the new year? What has 2023 taught you and how has it shaped your expectations for the new year? What goals and adventures do you dream of pursuing in the coming year?
Together, let's create a year filled with art, courage, and a commitment to create positive change. I look forward to sharing more moments and experiences with you here and of course on social media.

Love and artistic light,

Lot Winther blog

Lot Winther blog

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